Installing postgis 2.x as extension on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

This is the procedure that I follow to implement postgis (vers.2.0) as extension:

  1. Installation of the  postgis 2.x packages  from the Ubuntu official repository;
  2. creation of a new fresh postgreSQL database “mydb” without any postgis function;
  3. creation  of the extension with pgAdminIII:

Postgis 2.0.0 installation from source

Here you are the procedure I follow to install postgis 2.0.0 from source:

  • compile and install  updating GEOS library  from source;
  • execute “ldconfig” command;
  • execute the command a posted here:

SO: Ubuntu 11.10

Installation and configuration of a geodatabase


  1. repository and software installation:

2. creation of the geodatabase template

4. Creation of the geodatabase and optionally his admin user:

SO: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64 bit
Fonts: (Nicolo Rigacci, Simon Tokumine)